Mindfulness Refresher / Deepening Course

Theme: Mindfulness and the Mind: A Users Guide

This new four-week course for mindfulness graduates is open to anyone who's already completed an eight-week course and who would like to refresh/deepen their practice. On this course we'll take an evolutionary perspective on the human mind, brain and body, and explore how meditation practice can help us work with our habits, limitations and capacities, in order to live a fulfilling and flourishing life. We'll look at the ancient threat and drive systems that have developed within us to help survival, but which can also create stress and dissatisfaction, and learn how we can work with them more skilfully. We'll also explore how our more recently evolved capacity for awareness can help us see more clearly, stay present, and make good decisions. Open to anyone who has completed an eight-week course with us or another teacher, this course includes attendance at an MBSR course retreat day on the 9th December (or an alternative future date). Cost £120.

Please note: We are sorry but we are are unable to offer refunds / transfers within one month of the course start date.


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