HayWe offer online and in-person mindfulness courses, retreats and practice sessions for beginners and more experienced practitioners. Our wide-ranging programme is led by highly experienced mindfulness teacher and author Ed Halliwell - Ed has been leading Mindfulness Sussex for more than a decade, and has taught the 'gold-standard' 8-week mindfulness course more than 100 times. According to Psychologies magazine, Ed is "one of the UK's most popular mindfulness teachers", while the Guardian calls him "one of the UK's leading mindfulness instructors and writers."

Our in-person public courses at the Old School in Cuckfield, West Sussex are due to re-start again in September 2021. Meanwhile our online events continue to take place via Zoom. Ed Halliwell also offers mindfulness training for schools and other organisations.

Our current public offering includes:

We are currently taking bookings for...

Morning and Evening 8-Week Mindfulness Courses

The 8-week mindfulness course is the gold standard mindfulness training, including all the key elements of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy For Life (MBCT-L). The course teaches us how to cultivate awareness and be less caught up in automatic thoughts, feelings and behaviour patterns. Participants learn meditation practices which can transform daily life, including sitting meditation, body scanning and mindful movement.

Upcoming Courses:

Wednesday Evening Course (This course will take place online via Zoom link)

An orientation session from 7.30-9.30pm on Tuesday 26th October 2021, and then 8 weekly sessions from Wednesday 3rd November 2021 7.30-9.30pm-Wednesday 22nd December 2021, taught by Ed Halliwell. This course includes a six-hour day retreat on Sunday 5th December 2021 (alternative retreat dates are available). If you cannot make the orientation session this can be done on a 1.1. basis on the telephone. Find out more

Online Monday Mindfulness Practice Sessions via Zoom link

Our twice-monthly lunchtime/evening Monday mindfulness sessions are a space for anyone interested in mindfulness practice to meet together and experience guided meditation, short talks on aspects of mindfulness training, inquiry and discussion. They are open to everyone from beginners to experienced practitioners. Find out more.

One-to-One and Small Private Groups

For those unable to attend a group course, we have a few spaces available for one-to-one mindfulness training. These can follow the curriculum of an eight-week course, adapted for individuals, or take place on a session-by-session basis (mindfulness mentoring). For those unable to make our location in Cuckfield, West Sussex, we can offer one-to-one mindfulness training via Skype/Zoom. Please contact us for a further discussion if you are interested in one-to-one/small group sessions, or to arrange a taster session.

Graduate Sessions

Our graduate programme supports people who’ve completed an eight-week course, through ongoing opportunities to practise with others and deepen their learning. The programme includes morning and evening sessions, four-week graduate courses, non-residential day retreats and residential weekend retreats. Ed Halliwell also has a few mindfulness mentoring spaces available for eight-week course graduates. Find out more

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a way of paying attention, staying present and responding skilfully to what’s happening in our lives. It helps people manage their thoughts, feelings, behaviours and relationships with awareness and compassion, leading to greater well-being and appreciation, as well as more choice in how to meet difficulties. Mindfulness is cultivated by a exploring a range of simple meditation practices and approaches to living, as taught on our courses. Our approach is based on the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course, which was developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachussetts medical school, and which has been used for nearly 40 years to help with stress, anxiety, and chronic health problems, as well as to promote resilience and flourishing. We also include all the key elements from the Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy For Life (also known as Mindfulness For Life or MBCT- L) course, developed by the Oxford University Mindfulness Centre (OMC). Mindfulness For Life is itself based on MBSR and the content for both courses is very similar. An extensive body of clinical research has consistently shown that this approach to teaching mindfulness is helpful for working with a wide range of conditions, as well as for optimising well-being, and it is now taught widely in healthcare, education, workplaces and other settings.
Ed Book 2

MIndful Manifesto cover second edition

Who teaches our mindfulness courses?

into the heart of mindfulness coverAll of our courses are led by Ed Halliwell. Ed is a highly-experienced mindfulness teacher, having taught the gold-standard eight-week mindfulness course more than 100 times. He is the author of three books: Mindfulness: How To Live Well By Paying Attention, Into The Heart of Mindfulness and (as co-author) The Mindful Manifesto. As well as teaching mindfulness to public groups and organisations, Ed is an advisor to The Mindfulness Initiative, which supports the Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group to develop mindfulness-based policies for the UK. He is also an associate of the Sussex Mindfulness Centre and a supervisor for The Mindfulness Network. Find out more about Ed

In 2016 Ed was invited to do a talk 'Mindfulness - Beyond The Hype' for Action for Happiness. Watch this talk below:

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