Grass and SkyWelcome to our mindfulness audio resources webpages. There are a range of guided practice audios on this page. If you are taking an eight-week course with Ed Halliwell, the ones you will need to access are the first ones as you scroll down the page after this introduction (mindfulness course audios). For the relevant week, click on the link to access these audio (mp3) files.

Below these audios are links to a range of other practices led by Ed, many of which were recorded for the books Mindfulness: How To Live Well By Paying Attention and Into The Heart of Mindfulness. Below these are a range of guided practices recorded live during Ed's sessions at Mindfulness Sussex. Finally, below this, there are links to practices led by other experienced mindfulness teachers.

These resources are offered freely - if you find them useful, you might like to consider signing up to one of our online or in-person 8-week courses for deeper learning. If you have already taken an 8-week course, please consider joining us for some of our graduate sessions.

If you are currently experiencing severe difficulties in your life, or are feeling overwhelmed, mindfulness practice may not be suitable for you at this point (please see our FAQs). If this is the case for you, please seek advice from your GP or other appropriate healthcare provider before beginning a mindfulness practice.

These guided audios can be streamed on computers, tablets and smartphones. They can also be downloaded to play offline, although if you have an iphone or ipad, you may need an app such as dropbox to do this, as the IOS system doesn't itself support file downloads (please see here for details on how to download files onto an iphone or ipad To download the files to an android phone, click and hold on the play button of the file and select 'save video as'...To download to a PC, right click on the play button and select' save video as'...

Mindfulness Course Audios, led by Ed Halliwell

Week 1

Body Scan (original recording) (30 mins) or Body Scan (recorded live during recent course) (36 mins)

Week 2

Mindfulness of Breathing (10 mins)

Week 3

Mindful Movement (29 mins) audio for standing stretches

Mindful Movement (30 mins) audio for standing and lying stretches

Three-Step Breathing Space (5 mins)

Week 4

Sitting Meditation (30 mins)

Week 5

Working With Difficulty (30 mins)

Week 7

Three Step Breathing Space With Action Step 220321 (7 mins)

Other mindfulness audios led by Ed Halliwell,

Coming To Your Senses (16 mins) Body Scan (25 mins) Shorter Body Scan (15 mins) Mindfulness of Breathing (12 mins) Mindfulness of Body (10 mins) Mindfulness of Breath and Body (22 mins) Mindfulness of Sounds, Thoughts, Choiceless Awareness (20 mins) Mindfulness of Breath, Body, Sounds, Thoughts, Choiceless Awareness (42 mins) Mountain Meditation (8 mins) Turning Towards Difficulty (15 mins) Mindful Walking (12 mins) STOP practice (3 mins) Resting In The Flow of Change (21 mins) Working With Difficulty 110820 (31mins)

Cultivating Compassion audios led by Ed Halliwell

Affectionate Breathing (20 mins) Breathing Space With Kindness (7 mins) Self-Befriending Practice (20 mins) Self-Compassion Break (8 mins) Working Compassionately With Difficulty (18 mins) Compassionate Taking And Sending (10 mins) Giving and Receiving Compassion/Befriending Self and Other (30 mins) Befriending/Kindness Practice (18 mins) Affectionate Attention/Soften, Soothe, Allow (21 mins) Befriending (9 mins) Befriending (15 mins) Body Scan - Compassion emphasis (32 mins) Safe Place meditation (10 mins) Equanimity Meditation (20 mins), Kindness To Benefactor, Self, Loved One, Netural Person, Difficult Relationship (14 mins), Compassionate Companion Meditation (10 mins), Breathing Space For Wise Compassionate Action (4 mins), Compassionately Relating With Desire (Urge Surfing) (13 mins), Compassionate Breathing (MBCL version) (14 mins), Giving And Receiving Compassion (14 mins), Kindness To Self And Benefactor (13 mins), Forgiveness For Self and Others (19 mins), Kindness For Groups, All Beings (12 mins), Revisitng The Good (14 mins), Kindness For Self, Loved Ones, Neutral Beings (12 mins) Compassion For The Body (8 mins), Embodying Compassion (12 mins) Walking With Kindness (9 mins), Compassionately Relating To Resistance (14 mins)

Live recorded talks and practices by Ed Halliwell

Body Scan without bells (15 mins) 191223

Revelling In The Richness of Experience - Guided Practice 081223

Mindfulness As Relatedness - Guided Practice 061023

Dropping From Concept Into Experience - Guided Practice 250923

How Mindfulness Helps Us Feel Safe, Seen And Soothed - Talk and Practice 030723

Mindful Embodiment - talk and practice 120623

Not Trying To Make It Perfect - talk and practice 080523

The Importance of Not Aiming For Success - Talk and Practice 110423

Taking In The Good (HEAL) Meditation 060423

Appreciation Meditation 060423

On Not Hurrying (Patience and Trust) talk followed by guided meditation 130323

Beginner's Mind (talk followed by guided meditation) 111022

Acceptance (10 minute talk plus 20 minute guided meditation)

Body Scan 150822 (25mins)

Practising Trust 130622 (18 mins)

Letting Go, Letting Be 090522 (19 mins)

Being Part of Nature 110422 (18 mins)

Affectionate Breathing And Befriending 140322 (20 mins)

Compassionately Working With Thoughts 160222 (9 mins)

Mindfulness As Relationship 140222 (16 mins)

Non-Judging 100122 (12 mins)

Coming Home To Being 061221 (16 mins)

Practising With Emotions 081121 (17 mins)

Mindfulness Of Body 111021 (16 mins)

Mountain Meditation 081021 (12 mins)

Urge Surfing 011021 (13 mins)

Noticing Habits in Sitting Meditation 240921 (16 mins)

SOBER Breathing Space 240921 (3 mins)

Patience 130921 (18 mins)

Appreciation/Taking In The Good 100921 (20 mins)

Recognising Silver Linings 100921 (8 mins)

Multiplying Goodness Practice 100921 (7 mins)

Being The Change, Interconnection meditation (29 mins)

Breath, Open Awareness (Spacious Guidance) (25 mins)

Body Scan (from head downwards) (31 mins)

Breath, Body, Mountain, Equanimity Meditation (30 mins)

Breathing Space, Mindfulness Of Sounds (14 mins)

Attentional Anchor, Open Awareness (Spacious Guidance) (19 mins)

Safe Space, Receiving Kindness, Mountain Meditation (11 mins)

RAIN practice (Non-Identification Emphasis) (20 mins) 140621

Anchoring, Open Awareness 110621 (19 mins)

Recognising, Allowing, Investigating (The RAI of Rain) 100521 (24 mins)

Just Like Me Practice 210421

STOP (2 mins) 160421

Recognising, Allowing - The RA of Rain 120421 (13 mins)

Mindfulness of anchor, body, sounds, thoughts, open awareness - 290321 10 mins

Compassionate Taking And Sending 260321 (10 mins)

Giving and Receiving Compassion/Befriending Self and Other 260321 (30 mins)

Three Step Breathing Space With Action Step 220321 (7 mins)

Seated Body Scan 190321 (10 mins)

Affectionate Attention/Soften, Soothe, Allow 190321 (21 mins)

Befriending 120321 (9 mins)

Working With Change 080321 (22 mins)

Mindfulness of Sounds and Thoughts 080321 (7 mins)

Befriending Self 050321 (16 mins)

Affectionate Attention 050321 (10 mins)

Breathing Space with Kindness 050321 (4 mins)

Mindfulness of Breath and Body 010321 (5 mins)

Connecting With Awe 150221 (30 mins)

Three-Step Breathing Space 150221 (3 mins)

Recognising - the R of RAIN 090221 (21 mins)

Short Body Scan (6 mins) 080221 (7 mins)

Attentional Anchor practice 010221 (6 mins)

Coming To Our Senses 250121 (8 mins)

Body Scan 211220 (26 mins)

Working With The Present Moment 301120 (20 mins)

Cultivating Confidence 021120 (20 mins)

Exploring the landscape of body and mind 191020 (20 mins)

Anchoring practice 070920 (15mins)

Sitting With Confidence 120820 (17mins)

Working With Difficulty 110820 (31mins)

RAIN practice 300720 (22mins)

Working With Uncertainty 160720 (19mins)

Appreciation of Breath and Body 250620 (12mins)

Appreciation practice 240620 (17mins)

Mindfulness of Breath (Commitment focus) (12 mins) 190620

Mindfulness of Breath, Body, Sounds, Open Awareness (20 mins) 110620

Letting Go Meditation (15 mins) 040620

Body Scan meditation (30 mins) 030620

Befriending Meditation (15 mins) 030620

Non-Striving Meditation (15 mins) 020620

Acceptance meditation (15 mins) 280520

Working With Difficulty meditation (15 mins) 270520

Patience meditation (15 mins) 260520

Beginner's Mind Meditation (17 mins) 19/05/20

Breath, Body, Sounds and Thoughts Meditation 20/5/20 (15 mins)

Mountain Mediation 14/05/20 (15 mins)

Three-Step Breathing Space (3 mins) and (6 mins) 13/5/20

Breath and Body meditation (7 mins) 13/5/20

Mindful Stretching (video) (10 mins) 13/5/20

Sitting With Kindness (10 mins) 12/5/20

Do-In And Chi Kung Video 25/4/20

Resting In The Flow (13 mins) 30/4/20

Saying Yes To Now (25 mins) 23/04/20

Appreciation meditation (25 mins) 09/04/20

Mindful Movement (Chi Kung) Video (20 mins) 07/04/20

Mindfulness of Body and Breath (20 mins) 02/4/20

Coming To Our Senses (15 mins) 31/3.20

Body Scan (30 mins) 19/3/2020

Body Scan (30 mins) 18/3/2020

Guided mindfulness practices led by other teachers

Body Scans

Rebecca Crane, Body Scan (45 mins) Judith Soulsby, Body Scan (45 mins) John Teasdale, Body Scan (40 mins) Karunavira, Body Scan (35 mins) Karunavira, Body Scan (22 mins) Body Scan (15 minutes) Mark Williams, Body Scan (14 mins) Eluned Gold, Body Scan, (12 mins)

Shorter Sitting Meditations

Karunavira, Breath-Body Meditation (16 mins) Mark Williams, Mindfulness of the Breath (10 mins) Rebecca Crane, Sitting Meditation (10 mins) Karunavira, Mindfulness of the Breath (10 mins) Mark Williams Mindfulness of Body and Breath (8 mins) Mark Williams, Mindfulness of Breath and Body (8 mins) Mark Williams, Mindfulness of Sounds and Thoughts (8 mins)

Longer Sitting Meditations

Sarah Silverton, Sitting Meditation (45 mins) John Teasdale, Sitting Meditation (38 mins) Rebecca Crane, Sitting Meditation, (35 mins) Karunavira, Sitting Meditation (35 mins) Karunavira: Less Guided Sitting (30 mins)

Mindful Movement

Karunavira, Yoga-based movement (45 mins) Judith Soulsby, Mindful Movement (45 mins) Rebecca Crane, Mindful Movement (36 mins)

Karunavira, Chi Kung (20 mins)

Do-In + Chi Kung with video (35 mins)

Taravajra, Mindful Yoga, intro (2 mins), part one (15 mins), part two (30 mins) Eluned Gold, Mindful Movement, (15 mins) Vidyamala, mindful movement (10 mins) Mark Williams, Mindful Movement (8 mins)

Stretch and Breath Meditations

Karunavira, Breath and Body meditation (35 mins) Rebecca Crane, Stretch and Breath (40 mins) Mark Williams, Stretch and Breath: Mindful Movement, followed by sitting (33 mins)

Mindful Walking

Mark Williams, Mindful Walking (10 mins) Judith Soulsby, Introduction to Mindful Walking (10 mins) Eluned Gold, Mindful Walking (10 mins)

Three-Step Breathing Spaces

John Teasdale, Three-Step Breathing Space (5 mins) Mark Williams, Three-Minute Breathing Space (3 mins) Rebecca Crane, Three-Step Breathing Space (4 mins) Eluned Gold, Three Step Breathing Space (5 mins) Karunavira, Three-Step Breathing Space (5 mins) Karunavira: Coping Breathing Space (7 mins)

Befriending and Kindness Meditations

Judith Soulsby, Acceptance and Kindness meditation (29 mins) Mark Williams, Befriending Meditation (9 mins) Willem Kuyken Befriending (30 mins)

Mountain Meditations

Karunavira, Mountain Meditation (15 mins)

Turning Towards Difficulty Meditations

Karunavira, Turning Towards Difficulty (22 mins) Mark Williams, Exploring Difficulty (8 mins) Mark Williams, Working With Difficulty (25 mins)

For more practices led by the teachers featured above, please visit:

Centre For Mindfulness Practice and Research, Bangor University: Free Audios

Mark Williams: Audio Exercises for Use With Mindfulness: Finding Peace In a Frantic World

Guided Meditation Practices for Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy For Depression

Mindful Health: Practice Guidance

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