Deepening And Extending Mindfulness For Life

10-Week Graduate Course

Taking It Further: Deepening and Extending Mindfulness For Life

The Taking It Further course is a curriculum developed by the Oxford University Mindfulness Centre (OMC) as a follow-up for graduates of an eight-week mindfulness course. Focusing on twelve different themes over 26 hours of group contact time, it is designed to help refresh and strengthen our mindfulness practice. As well as reviewing and extending the learning from the eight-week course, we will explore more deeply how to cultivate mindful attitudes such as friendliness, compassion, appreciation and gratitude, love, equanimity and joy. We will look at how these qualities can help us flourish, live in accordance with our values, and be of service in the midst of a changing, challenging world. The course is also an opportunity to explore blocks to sustaining mindfulness practice over the longer term and rediscover our intentions for and commitment to the practice. Taught by Ed Halliwell over a series of ten Wednesday evening sessions from March-May 2023, the course is open to any graduate of an eight-week mindfulness course.

Venue: Zoom

Time and Date: 10xWednesday evenings 7.30-9.30pm, from March 22th-May 24th 2023. There is a retreat day on Sunday 14th May (the retreat day can be taking on an alternative date)

Taught by Ed Halliwell

Cost £295. Please book your place using the booking system on the graduate homepage here.

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