Mindful Communication - A Four-Week Graduate Course

Date and time: Fridays 10am-midday, 6th, 13th and 20th October and 3rd November 2023

Venue: Via Zoom

Mindfulness training first shows us how to relate to our inner experience. However, many of our greatest endeavours, challenges and joys in life can come from relationships with other people. How can we bring our mindfulness to these relationships in a way that helps us be confident, discerning and compassionate? In this four-session graduate course, we will explore how we can expand our mindfulness practice further into living wisely with those around us. Introducing a range of interpersonal mindfulness practices, we'll explore how we can become more aware of how intrapersonal patterns play out in our relationships with others, and learn to communicate with greater awareness, presence and skill. This course is open to graduates of any eight-week mindfulness course, and will include a number of pair work exercises, processes and practices, as well as opportunities to share experience with the whole group.

Cost: £120. Book your place via the Graduate Homepage

Taught by: Ed Halliwell

Previous participants on this course have said:

"I've learned there are better ways to have 'difficult' conversations / interactions with people, and how to get more out of (including intimacy) our relationships; being able to relax into whatever way the conversation goes, whatever emerges, but responding with time & care so I stick to my 'truth'."

"Absolutely excellent!"

"I'm so pleased I did this course. Ed Halliwell is a really excellent course facilitator - he's very skillful at helping people work with new and difficult material. This is important to me, so that I feel safe and can share with the group. The course was well planned & put together in a way that meant learning built over the weeks. I liked the way mindfulness and insight dialogue and NVC were woven together to support each other. This course has opened a new door for me and I see it being really useful in helping me relate to others. I feel excited that I have this new opportunity to relate differently."

"I found it really enriching. In fact, it was by far the best course I had joined with Ed since I did the Foundation Course."

"It has integrated previous learning with a new way of looking at things and has certainly already impacted on my communication with others."

"It’s never too late in life’s journey to hone practice of authentic communication skills."

"Ex is such a skilled facilitator and holds the space well to create an environment not only conducive to learning but also to a sense of safety that nurtures authenticity. Whether it was that or the specific participants but this particular group felt especially connected and authentic despite being on Zoom."

"Crackingly enjoyable & interesting group! Thank you! Your groups have such aliveness, connectedness, & spontaneity. It's so lovely that you manage to have order without the content ever being unformulaic & dull. And they feel so safe. I am very pleased I signed up to the communication group."

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