Working Mindfully With Pain - A One-Day Workshop (online via Zoom)

Date and time: Thursday 8th December, 9.30am-3pm, online via Zoom.

Many people mindfulness practice because of a struggle with pain. Our pain may be physical or psychological (or both) and as well as the pain itself, we may also suffer the stress of 'not knowing what to do with it', especially if our pain is long-lasting. The promise of mindfulness is that we can come to know, understand and work with pain in a different way - with gentleness, patience and acceptance. This goes counter to our usual habits - of pushing away or trying to get rid of pain - and while it may seem paradoxical or passive, this way of being can reduce the stress that pain causes, and enable us to live more fully. In this workshop, we'll explore in depth how and why we tend to react to pain in harmful ways, and how we can cultivate a kinder, more skilful relationship with it. We'll explore the psychology and neuroscience of pain and the science of how mindfulness can help, as well as practising a range of meditations which can help us relate wisely to the pain in our lives. There will also be opportunities for group sharing of experiences, inquiry and exploration of how to manage pain well. This workshop is open to anyone, The day will be led by Ed Halliwell.

Cost £55. Book your place here.

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