Monthly Mindful Communication Practice Group

Date and time: 10am-midday, fourth Monday of each month, starting on January 22nd 2024. No session in July and August and the May, October and December sessions will be on the third Monday of the month (20th May, 21st Oct, 16th Dec).

Venue: Via Zoom

While most of our graduate group practice sessions involve spending lots of time in silence together, this will be a little different. In these monthly sessions over the course of a year, we will mainly be practising interpersonal mindfulness, sharing small and large structured group conversations on how to bring the principles of mindfulness to our daily lives and our relationships with ourselves, others and the world. Using the principles of insight dialogue (pause, relax, open, attune to emergence, listen deeply and speak the truth) and non-violent communication (observe and express feelings non-judgementally, connect to needs/values) we will explore mindfulness-related themes as they arise in our everyday lives, and support each other to meet our moments with wisdom and compassion. This is intended as a space where the insights, difficulties, delights, and changes of life can be shared and worked with in a safe and sensitive container with other mindfulness practitioners. We won't be looking to fix anyone, or come up with definitive solutions, but rather to practise listening to and bearing witness to each other, learning the art of living together by communicating with awareness and presence, as best we can. This course is open to graduates of any eight-week mindfulness course.

Cost: £225 for 10x2hour monthly sessions. Book your place.

Led by: Ed Halliwell

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