Personal Practice Mentoring

Ed Halliwell teaching mindfulnessEd has a small number of spaces for one-to-one personal practice mentoring, intended for graduates of an eight-week mindfulness course who would like to be supported individually in refreshing or deepening their mindfulness practice. Sessions can take place either face-to-face or remotely (eg via Skype/telephone) and usually last for one hour each.

Personal practice mentoring enables a space for guided meditation, reflection and inquiry into an individual’s current experience, and offers support for planning, maintaining and staying engaged with formal and informal mindfulness practice in daily life. It can help people work with obstacles, facilitate greater depth of exploration and discovery, cultivate insight and lead to skilful engagement of inner and outer resources.This sows the seeds for wise decision-making and greater flourishing of well-being, relationships, and capacity to be present in our lives, for ourselves and others.

If you’re interested in exploring personal practice mentoring, please contact us to arrange an initial contracting session, which is an opportunity to explore and agree what support may be needed and to ensure that this is a suitable time for mentoring (or whether another form of support may be more beneficial).

Cost of personal practice mentoring:

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