Mindfulness Mentoring

Ed offers one-to-one mindfulness mentoring for people who have already begun a practice. Mindfulness mentoring enables a space for guided meditation, reflection and inquiry into an individual’s current experience, and offers support for planning, maintaining and staying engaged with formal and informal mindfulness practice in daily life. It can help people work with obstacles, facilitate greater depth of exploration and discovery, cultivate insight and lead to skilful engagement of inner and outer resources. This sows the seeds for wise decision-making and greater flourishing of well-being, relationships, and capacity to be present in our lives, for ourselves and others. Cost: £75 per hour via Zoom. In-person one-to-one sessions are also possible if you are withing travelling distance of Cuckfield, West Sussex. If you are interested in working with Ed on a one-to-one basis please contact us. A small number of concessionary places are available, please contact us for details.

Mindfulness coaching with Ed has been a powerful catalyst for change in my life. Through regular mindfulness practice supported and enriched by mentoring, I have learned to explore my deepest values and align my behaviour accordingly to a greater and greater degree in daily life. Life is more fun, more playful, more creative and so much lighter as a direct result of mindfulness coaching. I have benefited in my professional life, my partnership and my friendships. Few things have had as much of an impact on the quality of my life and my ability to contribute to communities I am part of.

Whilst group courses are great, I sometimes find the group environment too intense and it hinders me from benefiting from the practice. The pinpointed nature of one on one is excellent.The flexible balance of talking and discussion, specific and targeted practice together with guided suggestions for my own mindfulness practice between sessions has been invaluable. It has reduced the negativity in my life many times. Difficult conversations have become easier and my objectives clearer. I remember entering a session where I was convinced I knew what I should do next and how. Through a couple of short guided practices and support in noticing what was deep down I paused. The outcome was much better. As a result of mentoring, I am more thoughtful and observant. I have greater compassion for others and myself. I have learned to value what my body tells me and not to rush into what my brain is telling me I must do. I think one to one mindfulness is a really safe place to explore, notice and feel. I would not hesitate to recommend it’- it’s deeply supportive.

It’s difficult to put into words how much I have benefitted from mindfulness coaching. This year has been really challenging, with two bereavements and significant personal issues arising, and I honestly don’t know how I would have survived mentally and emotionally without the anchor of regular 1:1 sessions. It has helped me navigate the challenges in a more resourceful and mindful way, suggesting strategies that helped me to discover a depth, strength and compassion that we all can find, even at the darkest times. In the sessions, the space is held in such a way that you feel seen and heard at a very deep level. Each session is tailored skilfully to my needs and questions. There is a depth that you work at that is not possible in a regular class. Mindfulness is no longer just a practice twice a day. It is now accessible throughout the day as life unfolds. I also use all the strategies and techniques to help me manage and lead in a more mindful way in my job too. Mindfulness coaching is great for busy professionals, who need flexibility in timings to commit. It will help you take your mindful practice up to the next level. This is the highlight of my month. I am so grateful, excited and happy to be on this journey.

Watch A Video below of Ed giving a talk to The Mindfulness Network on the benefits of One-To-One Mindfulness Mentoring.

I was going through a tough time with my mental health and my psychologist recommended mindfulness coaching alongside other therapeutic techniques. I would go as far as saying it has been genuinely life changing for me. I have meditated for years, but mindfulness coaching has allowed me to apply the principles of mindfulness to all areas of my life as well as develop a more healthy relationship with my mental health. I have found having Ed's undivided time, attention and wisdom hugely helpful. I have been able to open up and share my own personal struggles, which I would not have felt comfortable doing in a group setting. Having the ability to discuss and work through my own individual challenges, and be vulnerable has been important, and I remember the moment when I truly realised that I am the observer of my thoughts, not the thoughts themselves. Coaching has made a huge difference to how I relate to my mental health challenges, and enabled me to handle them more positively and effectively. I recommend it to all my friends and will continue to do so.

I was having difficulties with anxiety and depression associated with contracting Long Covid and wanted to rejuvenate my mindfulness practice. Mentoring has given me tools to help manage my anxiety, I am beginning to be able to accept my illness and my symptoms. I have always struggled with being very self-critical and driven and that is beginning to soften. I always finish each session with lots to think about and investigate and with revealing new insights into my challenges that are so pertinent and helpful. I think group training is great - there is a lot you can learn from the other group members. However one on one allows you to address personal issues in a safe and confidential interaction. It has been one of the best things I have done for myself during this illness. My practice is more consistent. I am kinder to myself. I notice when I am caught up in my thoughts and going down unhelpful rabbit holes. I have found it invaluable.

I sought out mindfulness mentoring after a personal crisis / burnout and it has been transformative, the best thing I have done for my mental health so far in my life. It has helped me to find the space between stimulus and response, observing my emotional responses with compassion. I have realised how difficult body awareness practices were for me , due to health anxiety and how I store anxiety in my body, so doing long bespoke meditations is challenging for me. One-to-one mentoring allows for bespoke meditations, which are very powerful and allow one to really sit with and befriend difficult topics. It allows for a level of acceptance of difficulties that is impossible to reach through talking therapy. Working on your mental health is complex and there are different modalities that suit different people/problems but mindfulness coaching (one-to-one or group) seems to me to be the one thing that everyone would benefit from. it's the best thing you can do for your mental health.

I booked my first 1 2 1 mindfulness mentoring session to gain more understanding of an extremely difficult emotional experience I was having & hoped 1 2 1 may help me integrate the experience & move forward from the experience positively. I was consumed by rumination that I couldn't release myself from. During the session I felt acknowledged, heard & understood, & truly validated in a way I have never experienced before in other forms of 1 2 1 work such as counselling & psychotherapy. My difficult feelings & ruminating thoughts melted away and since then I have not been troubled by memories of the traumatic incident & have reclaimed my life. 1 2 1 mindfulness feels so different to psychotherapy or counselling. My experience is of being met with what is present for me in the present, acknowledging, being with (instead of being offered solutions, or exploring deeply into my past). Being met in a compassionate truly empathic way. I like to attend groups, but appreciate being able to have occasional 1 2 1 sessions when something very personal to me arises, or when something particularly emotionally strong occurs in a group or in life, or when I would like to focus on developing a particular area or skill.

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