Taking In The Good - A Day Of Mindful Appreciation

Date/Time: Friday 10th September 2021, 9.30am-2.30pm, via Zoom

Our brains are wired to help us survive, which means focusing more on potential threats than actual pleasures, joys, or realities about our safety, wellbeing and good fortune. While adaptive for survival, this negativity bias is not supportive for well-being. By deliberately practising appreciation, or 'taking in the good' - noticing, savouring and lingering with the pleasant and fortunate aspects of our lives, we can redress this balance and help ourselves to flourish, even in the midst of challenging circumstances. As well as looking at how negativity bias operates within us, this one-day workshop will be an introduction to mindfulness practices specifically designed to help us connect to, appreciate and benefit more fully from the nurturing aspects of our lives.

Cost £55. Book a place on our graduate homepage.

Taught by: Ed Halliwell

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