Grass and SkyGraduate course 2018 - Practising Compassion

A Four-Week Graduate Course, 7.30-9.30pm Wednesdays 21st November to 12th December, all-day retreat on Saturday 8th December (other all-day retreat dates are possible)

Kindness is a vital part of mindfulness practice. In meditation, we learn how to bring an attitude of gentleness, warmth and compassion to our experience, and this can help us to be kinder to ourselves and those around us. In this graduate course, we will explore this aspect of mindfulness more deeply, emphasising the aspects of the practices from the eight-week course that train compassion, and also introducing new practices that explicitly foster kindness for ourselves and others. We will examine how and why the judgements of the automatic pilot mode can be harmful, and how we can gradually learn to soften and soothe our minds through meditation, leading to more compassionate living. Participants will be invited to work with kindness practices both during and in-between the weekly sessions, and the course also includes attendance at one of our all-day retreats. Cost £120

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