Grass and SkyNurturing Parents - A four-week graduate course - 2019

Parenting is stressful, even in the best of circumstances. Mindfulness practice can support anyone who cares for children, helping us manage the stress of childcare, stay present in the emotionally charged situations which are a regular feature of family life, and connect more fully with ourselves and our children. This graduate course, for parents and anyone who regularly cares for children, will help us take pauses in the midst of parenting life, bring mindfulness to our relationships with ourselves and our families, fully appreciate the precious moments that can easily pass us by in the midst of parenting pressure, and nurture ourselves so we can maintain our resilience on the rollercoaster of family life. We will look at patterns of auto-parenting vs mindful parenting, how to cultivate seeds of kindness for ourselves and others, mindful communication, and exploring and living our parenting values. There will be opportunities to share our experiences as parents with others, and practise mindfulness together as a group. The course will run for 4 Wednesday evening sessions from June 5th-26th, 7.30-9.30pm, and includes a six-hour retreat which can be taken on a variety of dates in 2019 (July 7th, July 14th, Oct 20th, Oct 27th, Nov 10th, Dec 8th). It is open to anyone who cares for children and has already taken an 8-week mindfulness course. The cost is £120.

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