Refreshing and Sustaining A Mindfulness Practice - A One-Day Workshop

Date and Time: 9.30am-2.30pm, Friday December 3rd 2021, via Zoom

Have you fallen out of the habit of mindfulness practice? Would you like to renew your commitment to yourself and your wellbeing by re-engaging with stillness, presence and self-compassion? Or perhaps you’d like to deepen your understanding of the key themes of the eight-week course? On this one-day refresher workshop, we’ll explore obstacles to mindfulness practice and how we can work with them, remind ourselves why and how mindfulness can help us manage the ups and downs of daily life, and reconnect with the main practices from the eight week course in a supportive, nurturing environment. This day is open to anyone who has completed an eight-week course (with Mindfulness Sussex or another teacher), no matter how long ago you took the course and no matter how much (or how little) practice experience you have had since.

Cost: £55. Book via our Graduate Homepage

Taught by Ed Halliwell

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