Learning about Mindfulness and how to practice it has had a huge positive impact on me, my children and the atmosphere within our home. It has somehow unlocked my capacity for kindness towards myself, which I have understood the importance of, in theory, for many years, but have never been able to actually embrace and practice this. The effect of this has been that I am generally less stressed and, when something doesn’t go to plan I can (often, but not always - I’m still learning!) more easily shrug it off and remain resilient and emotionally available for my children. The way the course was taught was so welcoming and un-stuffy, which really made the sessions enjoyable, and meant that I and others felt comfortable to share our challenges and successes openly, which I certainly found really beneficial.
The course was highly enjoyable. After the first session it was clear that this was in fact going to provide a treasure trove of insight and support. I enjoyed both the moments spent as a whole group, and having time to discuss our experiences in smaller groups each week. The course has introduced me to lots of new techniques and helped me reaffirm my commitment to a longer-term practice.

I found the course to be extremely helpful, not only in understanding what mindfulness truly is, but in the real world application of practices and techniques to bring greater ease, acceptance and joy into my life. Ed is a wonderful teacher who skilfully guided me to gain powerful insights through experience rather than through theoretical explanations. I had been practicing meditation daily prior to joining the course, but the 8 weeks have helped me to transpose the benefits of formal practice into my day-to-day life in a very real way. I feel I am less reactive to circumstances, more able to regulate my emotions and I notice that I am showing up with more kindness and patience for others. The retreat day was a particular highlight for me. It was joyful and fascinating to experience all the practices come together and I learned the benefit of meditating for longer periods. I left that day thinking “so this is what sanity feels like!” Thank you so very much. This was a truly life changing 8 weeks that will stay with me forever.

I finally found some explanation and some answer to who I am, how my brain is working and what can I do to find the young person I was. I feel like I was waiting for myself to find me again for a long time. And it feels great. I feel complete. Like a seed that has grown to be the tree it was supposed to be. Strong and at peace, just happy to be there with nothing to prove. I'm less nervous, don't get angry as much as I used to, kinder to myself and to others and happy to be me. I don't know if you realise how your help people but it's amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

So positive. Really quite life changing (sorry for the hyperbole but I really feel this). Mindfulness practice I can now see is possibly the most practical and beneficial support I can use for my condition, it really has changed my way of doing and being more dramatically than other kinds of interventions that have been recommended. I loved the way the course offered structure to incorporate mindfulness into everyday life, not just the time for meditation but the tools to see mindful practices in so many daily activities. This is the first time I have felt such a consistent and gradual change to my outlook and behaviour which I can really take forward with me. I have learnt more in these 8 weeks than in any other engagement with mindfulness practice I have had over the years. Thank you for giving us your time to guide and lead us on such a meaningful journey. I feel much more equipped to not just deal with difficulty but to engage with the joyful and positive things in life more deeply. Thank you!

It was completely life-changing. I'm no longer suffering with depression and feel better prepared for crises. Working with difficulties was a pivotal practice. I've integrated the 3 Step Breathing Space and the gratitude practice into my daily life. Ed is an excellent facilitator - he is skilled at listening, reflecting back, valuing everyone’s input and encouraging individuals with problems to speak. He held the group together, which helped promote safety and develop cohesion amongst the group members.

I started the course with doubts I would be able to develop a meditation practise. However, each week we went deeper and deeper and I soon found that I had tools to refer to when needing or wanting to take a step back. Ed is great at making you feel at ease with meditation and it is not a didactic course. It's about acceptance in so many ways.

A truly life-changing experience. Delivered with kindness, compassion, and wisdom., From beginning to end each moment was meaningful. I wouldn't change anything and I'm growing stronger each day. Thank you so much for sharing this wisdom.

Excellent content, well organised and expertly delivered. It was life changing!! I am so grateful for the experiences provided by the course and for Ed’s outstanding teaching.

A wonderful course. Ed’s relaxed but hugely knowledgeable way of supporting me to explore new ways of ‘being’ has really enabled me to make positive changes in my life. I have learnt to accept myself, be kind to myself and recognise my strengths. I felt that Ed always had time for everyone and gave me a lot of time. His responses were always warm and non-judgemental and insightful and it felt like I was in safe hands when I felt vulnerable.

I found it enlightening and very, very helpful. Ed is an amazing teacher/facilitator, he catered for a very mixed group and we all felt accommodated, he created an ideal environment in which to learn and embody mindfulness practice. Rather than looking for a state of inner peace as being something that has to be strived for, I am aware that it exists within me and can be accessed at any time, as long as I keep doing the practice!

This course has impacted positively on every area of my life; my mental well being, my physical health, socially, economically and in terms of my relationship to others and myself.

Absolutely outstanding! It's a brilliant course. a very heartfelt thanks.

The best thing I have ever done for myself. At first it felt unnatural and sometimes silly (listening to a raisin!) but as the weeks went on and I practiced more I really felt a change in myself for the better. Ed was a brilliant teacher I always left the classes having learnt something new I have learnt to be much kinder to myself, that my thoughts are not facts and to take joy from the simple and small things in my life! Also, confidence I can deal with difficulties without them consuming and overwhelming me!
Really good, very well set up, Ed's expertise was shining through at each session.
Wonderful course, instructor, group, location. The retreat day was a real highlight for me. So wonderful to spend the day practising in silence. Heartfelt thank you for all the work and care you have put into the course and the materials. I really appreciated it all. I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone.
A gentle journey of discovery! The pace and facilitation were excellent. Ed has a warm-hearted acceptance of every type of experience shared in the room and a way of helping me notice my own experiences without judgement and with kindness. My own practice has been cemented through the encouragement and ryhtmn of the course and Ed created a safe space within which to anchor each week. The whole 8 weeks were valuable. Each stage built seamlessly to the next. The retreat day stood out as the most meaningful from a self discovery point of view. Being able to let go of my people-pleasing tendency to just be within myself for 6 hours was wonderful. Each meditation practice built on the one before and I felt my ability to stay with myself grow. Since this day it has been easier for me to take half an hour on a cushion and know that I can trust it's ok to be there. Before I struggled to stay still for 30 mins! I have learnt to trust myself more. To be in the present more often. To listen more actively. To use pauses to give better responses. To react less often. To turn the volume down on my mind chatter by drawing my attention to breath or sounds. To be more aware of what my body tells me before my mind gets involved! Ed is an incredible facilitator. He has a real art to his teaching and a gentle kindness. The materials were excellent and the coordination and audios also superb.

A really positive experience, providing me with lots of resources for maintaining a mindful lifestyle and good mental health. I've learned that I have inner strength and can handle stress if I keep this up. Thank you!"

Life changing, restorative, transforming. I have learnt so much! I am much more aware of my reactions to certain situations and now have a set of tools to help me deal with this.

A wonderful course...and I would recommend it to anyone. Every step of the way along this course has been a learning and mind-opening experience in its own way.

It has been a really positive experience for me perhaps particularly in terms of developing patience. The sessions were really well organised in what appeared to be a very relaxed, welcoming and well paced way. I felt that the group were an exceptionally nice, supportive and inquisitive bunch of people. The mindful pauses have made a substantial difference to my day- especially in terms of work. The process of exploring what depletes or nourishes me has encouraged me to prioritise the more nourishing activities and look at ways in which can make small positive changes to less nourishing activities. I think the benefits of this course will be long lasting!

I very much enjoyed the course and will definitely be recommending it to my friends! My favourite part was getting to connect with people of all backgrounds and to watch us get closer as a group! I have learned how much my external life can be improved if I work internally first. I think that Ed is a wonderful teacher and I hope to do another of his courses in the future.

The course was life-changing. I loved Ed’s gentle invitation into a new way of fully experiencing the world and how he helped create such a safe space for me to learn. The course was perfectly paced – punctuated by practice, readings and discussions. I also loved the manual and the weekly emails, which provided a handy recap. I’ve learnt that it’s possible to free yourself from challenging situations. One reason I came on your course was because my boss was so difficult. Mindfulness helped me be more serene. I also realised, though, that sometimes changing your attitude is not enough, you do need to change things. So I handed in my notice and I’m now happily back freelancing. I’m now working at an award-winning agency where they treat me with respect and value my contribution. I'm so happy! Thank you so, so much.

The course has had a tangible impact on my day-to-day stress levels. I thought the constant background hum of anxiety was a part of life but now sometimes it is absent and, when it is around, I can recognise is as part of my experience rather than defining my whole self. I have also noticed the benefits of stopping and slowing down - more able to notice and enjoy the small things that might otherwise go unnoticed. I found the day retreat particularly rewarding - setting aside a day meant I could really focus on the practice rather than fitting it in after a busy/tiring day.

It was fantastic. I felt for the first time that I ‘got’ what mindfulness is about. Ed put across the teaching so well and so clearly. I have learnt and am continuing to learn to be kinder and more accepting of myself.

Excellent, I can see and have felt through this course how mindfulness is the gateway to a different approach to living - really feeling what mindfulness is rather than reading about it or talking about it. I can make a difference to my state of mind, just being here, right now. I really enjoyed the course, much more than I thought I would. I liked that there was a range of people there and that it wasn't a group therapy session, that none of us knew anyone's issues and there was really no need for that knowledge.

It has been an insightful and wonderful journey. Ed guided us through the 8 weeks with understanding, patience and kindness alongside lots of humour and great examples to provide a practical framework to work to. Never judgemental and with a curiosity and passion for the practise which was infectious. The group discussions were really useful and gave a whole different perspective which was invaluable. I learnt a great deal about myself and how my emotions and thoughts drive reactions which I can chose to be driven by or to watch and see what happens. I understand those relationships much better and have as a result found happiness in the moment, a quieter mind and that I have more time as a result. I am making decisions which are coming from a more honest perspective. I've leaned to be in the moment more and to go into my body to gauge how I feel rather than letting my thoughts take over. It was a fantastic experience.

Brilliant. Ed is excellent, a compassionate and challenging guide! Ultimately, what an amazing difference being mindful can make to your life. It is hard to believe, but it is surprising that something as easy as being mindful can be so emancipating

Every week ran smoothly. It was more than worth the money! I really enjoyed being offered different aspects to mindfulness each week and the space to practice together. I am more aware of my automatic pilot and the awareness alone is proving beneficial in my day to day experience. I have recognised my need and want for a more mindful way of life. I am aware of one huge personal shift that I have experienced as a direct result from this course and I am extremely grateful for that.

I utterly enjoyed this course. It was supportive and informative and has deepened my understanding of mindfulness practice and the benefits of this in my everyday life. It has been significant for my own personal development, and Ed delivered the whole course brilliantly. There have been many highlights - the supportive nature of the group for each other; the openness we brought to the group so that we could learn from each other's experiences; and, the practical application of mindfulness practice throughout the course and reflective discussion. I left the course thinking and knowing that people are amazing. I've learnt a lot about mindfulness practice in real terms as opposed to what I have picked up through reading; I have deepened my understanding about myself and my thoughts (they really are just passing through and the world continues whether I credit them or not!!! ); and I know even more so now that the fun is in the process and the endgame is not the focus. I knew this before, I believed this before, but I feel it even more now. It's been a wonderful experience.

Very positive - a definite enhancement in my life. Life-changing, in fact. Ed has been an exemplary teacher.

Extremely beneficial in dealing with stressful life experiences and realising how I have let them condition my life.

Gentle, challenging, informative, worthwhile and a great investment in me.

An excellent course, delivered with great thought and care.

I am really pleased that I am able to practise mindfulness now because I've always been a bit cynical and 'it's not for me' before. It was what I really needed - maybe I resisted because it meant doing things differently.

The retreat was incredible. The surroundings and the sunshine made it even better. The cakes were great! It was a totally self caring time / space.

Beyond my expectations. I've learned that I can manage depression.

The course has given me some good foundations for being in a different way with myself and hopefully others. Thanks for helping me feel awake again.

Opening and enriching - I've been able to include 'bits' of me that I did not like or accept.

Wonderful - it has changed my life and will continue to do so. I've had a door (re)opened into a new way of being. I can see my thoughts much more clearly and accurately.

Very positive! I was certainly a little apprehensive about it at the start but have very much enjoyed being part of the group and sharing / listening to each others' thoughts.

I have learnt to become more in touch with underlying emotions and the importance of tailoring time out from doing.

An immensely positive experience. I am taking my time more, rushing less into things - I don't get impatient in queues, for example. This is extending into big business decisions and reaping big benefits.

I've learnt to be kinder to myself and to stop judging. The retreat day was an extraordinary experience.

Hearing the experiences of others has been incredibly enriching and taught me a huge amount. I didn't expect that!

I've reconnected with joy, serenity and the beauty of life.

I'm more relaxed after learning to be mindful. I feel like I know myself better, and can recognise my feelings.

I've learned how to be kinder to myself... it has helped me be less impulsive and perhaps less irrational then before.

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