Mindfulness Weekend Retreat for Graduates

Theme: Practising Being Together

Friday 30th June-Sunday 2nd July 2023

This weekend will offer the opportunity for those who already have a mindfulness practice to deepen their experience. The theme for this weekend will be 'Practising Being Together'. For so much of our lives, we are caught in concepts, and the judgements, comparisons, isolation and pressure they bring. Many of us find in mindfulness that we can access another way of living - sometimes called 'being mode', or embodiment, or flow. This mode of mind seems to help us find peace, contentment and the capacity to meet both difficulties and joys with ease and equanimity. In this weekend retreat, we will practise this being mode of mind together as a community, and explore more deeply together what 'being' really means. There will be brief talks on the framework behind this 'modes of mind' model of mindfulness, opportunities for mindful communication practices to explore our experience of it, and most importantly, lots of space and time for lightly guided mindfulness practice in which we can access it for ourselves and with each other.

Who is this for?

This weekend graduate retreat is for those who already have a mindfulness practice and have completed a teacher-led 8-week mindfulness course (or equivalent). If you are unsure whether this is right for you please do not hesitate to contact us.


This retreat will take place online, via Zoom. You will need access to a contained private space from which you can join and participate in the retreat.

Cost, Dates and Booking

This weekend retreat will start at 5pm on Friday 30th June 2023 and finish at 4pm on Sunday 2nd July 2023.

The total cost of the retreat is £175.

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